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The G3 Gravel Series launched in 2019 under the leadership of Ray Trammell (or, as we like to call him, Ray Ray - pictured above). He and his team of graveleurs were scouting route upon route around Guthrie and the surrounding area when they realized: why aren't more people riding these epic gravel roads? With the goal of introducing the beauty of Guthrie gravel to Oklahoma cyclists, Ray Ray and crew launched The G3 Gravel Series. They held their first event in 2019 and, at that moment, The G3 Gravel Series was etched into the Oklahoma grassroots cycling scene. 

Today, The G3 Gravel Series is proud to carry on Ray Ray's mission by promoting our grassroots beginnings and emphasizing the sparsely traveled red dirt roads of mid-Okahoma. The event is proudly directed by Clare Paniccia and Sally Turner, both of whom have deep connections to Oklahoma cycling and gravel cycling at large.



Clare paniccia

sally turner

Clare Paniccia works full-time for Tulsa Tough, Inc. and Osage Passage while co-directing The Truffle Shuffle with Sally Turner. Sally works full-time for Grounded Nebraska, a multi-distance gravel race, and also co-directs The Truffle Shuffle with Clare.

The G3 Gravel Series is supported significantly by Ray Ray and Co., including Jackson Renshaw, Justin Fortney, Chuck, Alan White, and Jennifer White. (Without whom this series would not be possible.)

Read Clare's blog entry, "Honoring G3," to learn more about Ray Ray's work with the Guthrie gravel community and the impact that The G3 Gravel Series has had on Oklahoma cycling.


We're a small event with big-event-style perks. By keeping our focus on our riders, we're able to provide payouts for the top three finishers in each category. While we won't be pulling out huge $10,000 checks, we know that every little bit counts. We will post our forthcoming payout amounts closer to our 2024 event to maintain transparency.

All finishers, both Race and Fondo, will receive commemorative swag at the completion of each event.


Oklahoma is a significant birthing ground of gravel culture and experience. The plains and their unpaved roads beckon us with their wide horizons, red dirt, and dramatic sunsets. We feel strongly that these less-traveled roads are not only a symbol of Oklahoma — they're where Oklahoma beats the strongest.


Our mission is to invite riders worldwide to visit Oklahoma and see how its gravel and gravel family define back-road hospitality and grassroots fun. We emphasize that cycling is for everybody, and we promote diversity and inclusion to connect our strong community. We will always have spots reserved for women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized cyclists. We will always work with riders if they have trouble paying for registration or obtaining the gear they need to ride. We will always honor and acknowledge the land we are privileged to ride on.


We want you to leave our event feeling fulfilled — not just from finishing a fantastic ride but also from riding with our Oklahoma gravel family. No matter who you are or how long you've been riding, you'll always have a spot on our start line.

The G3 gravel series aims to represent the best of oklahoma gravel and the oklahoma gravel community while encouraging all riders to push their limits and take on mid-oklahoma's rural, challenging, and beautiful gravel roads.

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